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Google explains the use of different algorithms for various niches




Google’s John Mueller explains the application of the different algorithms in various niches. Google does treat sites in different niches. It divides the content. It clearly explains the idea of various ranking factors. Also, it talks of all the kinds of sites over niches. It looks at different kinds of sites before ranking the top sites.

SEO tool sites explain different qualities of rank sites. However, it explains the niche to determine the ranking factor. This will also explain the factors which challenge the ranking factors.

The published study also explains different kinds of link and their qualities. It describes the ranked sites. There is a clear pattern in the sites which are at the top. They have longer content and publish more videos. We can also say that Google ranks sites at the top, which feature longer and more published videos.

The similar content pattern doesn’t detail the word count or video. And Google’s ranking of those sites remains ambiguous. It speaks of the need for the content the user wants. There is longer content that explains the demand of users in the following niche. It speaks of marketing trends and content in a particular niche. It doesn’t define the ranking factor.

The person who asked the question stressed the importance of the use of the algorithm. He questions indexing and ranking in different niches. Even the same websites are with the same process. With one getting ranked and another loss, the ranking is disturbing.

John explains by stating, “So, I don’t think we have anything specific with regards to different niches.

But different kinds of content is a different kind of like critical to our search results.

And if you look at something like our Quality Raters Guidelines, we talk about things like Your Money Your Life sites, where we do kind of… work to have a little bit more critical algorithms involved in the crawling and indexing and ranking.”

There is a use of publishers focusing on the content not plagiarized. The more unique the content, the higher it will rank.

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