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Google says out of stock products will affect search visibility



search visibility

Google recently explained search visibility over out-of-stock products. It takes the cause of reduction of the visibility of a product page.

Google Search Advocate John Mueller discusses it in the recent office-hours hangout. A question also focussing on the search ranking for the transactional keyword. Does it have a negative impact after the product gets sold?

Mueller explains that Google reduces search visibility on the out-of-stock item. He says it is mostly a theory.

He goes on to state, “Out of stock – it’s possible. That’s kind of simplified like that. I think multiple things come into play when it comes to products themselves in that they can put it on display as a normal search result.

They can be shown as an organic shopping result as well. If something is out of stock, I believe the organic shopping result might not be shown – I’m not 100% sure.”

A normal search results in the display of out-of-stock. It often takes to a 404 error. The URL from the search is also there. Hence, in theory, it can affect the visibility.

Google displaying product pages with 404 errors is dependable. It is on the value it carries other than the product.

For example, if the page doubles as a resource for product information. The information can still be useful even after the product goes out of stock. The search visibility will continue to be there. One can’t connect the product going out of stock and search visibility. Pages with a lot of information will also continue to be visible.

Relevancy defines search visibility. One needs to assure the site ranking even after the product goes out of stock. There is no negative effect to the visibility. The page will not disappear from the search. It is also important not to rule out the visibility of search results. It may or may not be the case.

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