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Google Ads Editor v2.0 supports Performance Max



Google Ads Editor

The new Google Ads Editor v2.0 is officially out. The new update has come up with Performance Max campaigns, view asset performance, and many more. Goggle pushed the adoption of one of its newest campaign types. The new adoption campaign is Performance Max. These campaigns were created in the online Google Ads interface.

Google launched its Editor v2.0 to support this campaign type. The date of launch was 29 March. Performance Max is one of the newest updates to Google Ads.

The major updates of this version include Performance Max campaign support. It also constitutes Conversion Actions organization, Campaign-level overviews, and Combined segments support. It further includes Asset reporting and Custom action triggers support.

The first change is to Google Ads Editor in support of campaigns. This also means that one can now create and edit campaigns. This is possible in the offline Editor program. This change saves time. The overview tab in the Google ads Editor will have the same overviews as that in the online interface.

A few overviews featured added Custom rules, Optimization scores, and Top campaigns. Another major update was the ability to create and edit combined segments.

Before, this was not possible in real-time in the online interface. Meanwhile, with better asset support, one can get reports on different assets. The default responsive ads in both Search and Display help comparison of assets. This support can directly speed up the analytical process of campaigns. This means one can spend more time making actionable optimizations. Automated rules or tasks get created online.

When specified events or conditions occur, one can run custom rules. This ranges from a bid adjustment on keywords to pausing entire campaigns.

One should upgrade to version 2.0 of Google Ads Editor. The addition of new features and support saves time. This can also help in switching back and forth between platforms. One can spend more time on analysis and strategy of account.

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