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Google explains The Right To Be Forgotten



The Right To Be Forgotten

The right to be forgotten features enables the users to delist on Google. Google features ancient and irrelevant information. The information no longer holds any importance.

Many of us have made mistakes in our early days. Google indexing all it often doesn’t seem valid. The right to be forgotten feature also serves as a solution for these cases.

This feature is available in several countries. The European Union also backed protection for “the right to be forgotten.”

With this, users can request Google to de-index pages with such details. The information will still be available on the original sites. It will not appear in Google’s index. And, it reduces the chance to pop up when searched again.

Google posted a video to remind people of this law. It devised whole step-by-step instructions. One can request content removal under this feature. Different countries support RTBF. The concept is generic in all, though.

To cite an example, a person commits a crime and serves their sentence. Now, when he applies for the job, the internet shows the arrest. The employer will definitely pass on his application. The person is going to suffer after lawfully punished. It doesn’t seem right.

The right to privacy and freedom of expression often clashes here. A European judge also set a precedent on demand of deindexed websites on prior debts.

The reason to remove search pages varies from one to other. It can be a scandal, embarrassment, or bad judgment. It can be anything that is affecting the normal course of life.

UK government also features the act that the “Criminal convection holds no importance after the completion of the punishment.” The employment and insurance of such a person should not suffer. The U.S. transparency act rules out such concern.

RTBF also gives the user control over delisting the search pages. It is a hot topic, and debates continue to go on.

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