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Google confirms the issue with indexed pages



indexed pages

Google’s search console recently reported an issue. It was a bug causing misinformation. Also, it was reporting an incorrect number of Indexed pages.

Google has fixed the issue. Google also warned the users. The warning addressed the Index Coverage Report. The users will see less number of pages this time.

The bug is not a website issue. The bug is a reporting issue. There is no problem with the website. It is working fine. Indexed pages caused worry among many users. However, Google’s index did not drop them at all.

In reality, the web pages were not indexed at all. This caused the major part of the problem. So, if the pages are not indexed, how can Google drop them?

This issue went unnoticed. Because of this, the world also went forward with its business. This caused a major problem. After Google fixed the bug, people started ignoring this. They should not ignore this issue. What about those people who worked with those indexed pages?

Those people did not know about this grave error. They continued with their business. What if they compiled reports for their clients? What of those reports included these indexed pages? This data is now incorrect.

However, it is important to update yourself with information. One should look into the data provided by Google. Affected people can show this data to their clients. This will help the clients to understand the anomaly. The clients will also understand the reason behind low-indexed pages.

Google recently updated the Index Coverage Report. It also includes an annotation in the search console. Everyone can see it. Those who have published content on Google should go through it. It also includes URLs of importance. If you find some problems, don’t worry. Google has fixed it all.

Google is very careful with the search console. Also, Google keeps checking it to ensure its safety. As a result, the users never face any major problems with the Search control and Google.

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