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Google confirms its updates for web page titles generation



Danny Sullivan of Google has confirmed the search engine update. This update is generating the web page titles in its search results. Before this, the titles might change based on query issues. This will no longer happen with their new system. Their new system is producing titles that can work better for the overall documents.

The new system of Google for generating the web page titles has been documented. Firstly it came under the light in the live search results in the last week. People from the SEO industry observed this first. Google is replacing web page titles with other on-page texts.

While replacing the web page titles, Google considers other texts present on the page. Google can also consider using the texts within the links which are pointing at pages.

Google may consider using other texts when the HTML title tag of a page does not describe properly what it is about. The tags do not always describe a page properly. The tags can either be too long or may not contain any text or boilerplate text. Also, it might have keyword stuffing in it.

This update is about to produce a more easy-to-read and accessible title for the page. In some of the cases, they can add a suite, and they can add site names where it seems helpful. Also, while encountering a long title, they can select the most relevant portions rather than starting from the beginning.

Google is now taking a much different approach to generate web page titles. It doesn’t make the optimization of the HTML Tags less important. Sullivan is saying that their main advice is to focus on creating great HTML title tags.

It is worth spending your time creating unique and impressive titles for your page. It is better not to leave it up to Google as the HTML title tags will still be in use for more than 80% of the time.

Google claims that this update creates titles that are easy to read and preferable for searching. Websites cannot opt out to have their page titles get replaced. Sullivan Says he would like the SEOs to have at least some options in terms of preserving the page title.

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