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Google came up with new video ads features



video ads

Google is trying to simplify the process of video ads with its new feature. It intends to launch an easy way for businesses to create ads. There will be many additional features. Central Library will also be there for a more effective creative asset. It focuses on a new tool for voice-overs for YouTube ads.

Ginny Marvin, Google Ads’ Liasion, stated, “The templates are made for YouTube, meaning they have optimal pacing, brand and product placements, and prominent calls to action. They are also designed to help your ad stand out and drive results. With templates guiding you, the complexity of creating a video disappears, and you can spend more time developing your messaging, audience insights, or campaign strategy.”

The focus on high-quality video ad creation launched in Google Ads Asset Library. It will benefit the business. However, they will now be able to create video ads in just a few minutes. The new templates will take care of the video ad creation tool. It also comes up with 14 templates to choose from. The design focuses on various objectives. For example, one can quickly voice-over for new video ads.

Google Ads launched a handful of new features. First, it offers an easy way to create video ads. Businesses also create video ad discusses highlighting products and promoting sale events. However, the trigger app downloads focused on filling the template concerning the images. Texts and brand colors also came up with the audio library.

The automated voice explains the AI technology in advertiser content. The natural-sounding speech explains the overlay with video ads. AI technology will also focus on the Google Ads asset library. The script will focus on the seven voices.

Video ads will concentrate on voice-over. It also features automated voices in English, Filipino, Hindi, Korean, Malaysian, Swedish, Spanish, Indonesian, and French. Google introduced a centrally located asset library. It is to improve the organization, access, and create.

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