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Google attempts to make advertising a better experience




Advertising has always come across as a troublesome experience for users. The same companies lure you to take subscriptions and remove these ads. Google has tried revolutionizing advertising techniques.

Google ads are implementing a new policy for advertising. Now the landing pages will have to satisfy the “better ads standards”. The coalition for better ads states this.

Now when you land up on an ad through google, it might not annoy you as it used to. This is because a change to Google’s destination requirements policy states strict rules. If an ad leads to a page that doesn’t comply with the “better ad standards”, Google will disapprove the ad.

All the advertisers are being informed. Google is sending them emails about the new policy change. Although policy change will not be immediately implemented, advertisers receive notice in advance.

Google will be giving Ad Experience Reports to advertisers who will not meet the standard. Google will hence disapprove and remove such ads.

This can be problematic for advertisers who are not mindful of the content of their ads. They need to be careful now. Google wants to make advertising a better experience for users. So advertisers will have to work on the pages people land on.

Google will disapprove of any intrusive or annoying content on the landing pages. Hence all the ads will have to pass the test.

Advertisers will have to check their content on Google’s page experience update. If the landing pages receive optimization through this, then the advertisers can go ahead.

Additionally, Google will monitor your advertising. If the landing pages are not meeting the standards, the company will inform. Google will send an Ad Experience Report in such cases.

Google has also given examples of ads that don’t comply with the standards. For example, pop-Up ads, Auto-playing video ads with sound, prestitial and postitial ads, etc., do not meet the standards.

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