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Google advices to use various types of schema markup on the same page



schema markup

John Mueller of Google goes over what the site owners must know about the use of various types of schema markup on the same page. This is quite an acceptable SEO practice. But there are some of the dos and the don’ts to achieve the desired results.

This topic got discussed during the Google Search Central SEO hangout. A site owner asked what to do with a page that can be classified as an FAQ and a how-to and also an article. Should they have all three types of schema markup?

There are two aspects for consideration when it comes to using the multiple structured data markup on one page. The first is to follow Google’s guidelines. It needs to make sure that the schema properties are matching with the primary elements on the page.

In case the primary content is the recipe, but there is a smaller FAQ section at the bottom, then it would not be correct to include both the recipe and the FAQ markup.

There are other aspects too which need to be considered. The rich results of Google can combine certain types of structured data markup but not the others. A recipe-rich result can also have a star rating. But a FAQ-rich result cannot combine with a how-to.

If there is a specific rich result that you want to show, then he recommends focusing on the markup. This markup must be relevant for the result. Leaving out how-to markup is best if your priority is to earn a very FAQ-rich result.

If you have a very strong preference for your site, then provide the specific kind of structured data. If you like the FAQ results for those pages in case they are super relevant but also it is a kind of article, then focus on your preferred one.

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