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Google Ads editor rolls out new features



Google Ads Editor

Google Ads has recently released Google Ads Editor 1.7. It is now including new features like audio ads, easy downloads, and many more. Users can now improve their download speed with the selection of certain parts of campaigns to download.

Now, rather than choosing specific campaigns as per the planning of the advertisers, they can also select the specific parts for the campaign. It will make it easier to work with their plan.

Previously the lead form extensions were launched in 2019. It allowed the user to append a lead form to their advertisements. It helped the prospects to complete the form without even stepping back from the SERP. Hence users could only create or lead their form extensions in their UI.

Users can now also download, edit and make up lead form extensions in their Google Ads Editor. Moreover, YouTube Audio Ads, which came up in 2020, were only available for the direct setup within the UI. Now the audio ads can get set up through Google Ads Editor.

Users can also use Google Ads Editor to manage their Hotel Ads. It can work as feed-based ads, which can help the hotel advertisers to promote their prices. Also, they can easily promote the availability of their properties on any given day.

From 2018 Hotel Ads are available, but they are only accessible to work through Google Ads UI. Google is now also supporting the additional types of recommendations. The types are including the fixed ad destinations, setting of a target ROAS, and the adding of image extensions to the ads. Also, it includes the use of broad match versions for the keywords and efficient bidding for maximum conversion value.

Google Ads Editor works as a tool that allows advertisers to make the bulk of changes. It helps in easy optimization and edits across multiple ads, ad groups, and multiple keywords. There is also an option for offline changes. It makes easy adjustments that help the advertisers to have better visibility and control.

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