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Google ads and their advertising policies



Google ads

The recent development around Google ads is concerning. Reports say that google ads account managers are contacting clients directly. However, they are not allowed to do that.

The Google ads account managers have contacted the clients and are telling them to dump their agencies which runs against the policies of the company. Reports claim that google ads account managers are threatening the clients.

Although this is not allowed by the managers, it is happening. Some agencies respond to the email that the managers send. In such cases, managers get threats. The Google Ads account managers are receiving instructions to contact clients directly.

In many cases, the Ads account managers call clients and tell them to drop their agencies. The agencies should not speak with Google reps. Secondly, no one from the Google Ads management team should call an agent’s client.

These two are the most important terms of advertisement for the company. In such a context, ads rep telling the clients to fire their agency is an extreme case of unprofessional behavior. Sometimes people raise the question that this news is just a rumor.

But in recent days, the reports have become very frequent. People are constantly getting to know about the recent development in the company.

Even the people from the company raise a concern about the recent developments. A company’s representative also says that this is not the way the company wants to support the advertising companies and the related agencies.

The company holds high ethical values, and thus the team is not in support of these threats. Even the reports about these practices spread on the popular app Reddit.

Users across different social handles post screenshots of the emails they received from the Google ads account manager. The fact that they are trying to reach the clients directly is thus extremely terrifying.

The genuine concern remains that the agencies do not obligate to speak with Google reps or implement anything beyond the client’s concern. Agencies will only work to suffice the needs of the clients. As far as clients feel satisfaction, agencies will not listen to anyone else.

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