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Facebook is relaxing its ban on ads having non-medical masks



Facebook mask ads

During the time when Coronavirus pandemic was starting to make damage, we had seen that there were a lot of ads on Facebook and other social media platforms where people were trying to sell face masks and at that time, we saw that the ads were misleading to some extent. The ads which were claiming to save people from the virus were being blocked from Facebook and the company also said that they are banning all such ads that have masks that are not known to prevent the spread of the virus.

Now, we know that the WHO has released new guidelines saying that the people can fear non-medical masks as well because they are also effective in stopping the spread of this virus. On the other hand, the people who are working in the medical field will need to wear protective medical masks such as N95 and others. So in order to let people sell masks on the platform, Facebook has announced that they are relaxing their norms on advertisements having non-medical masks.

Facebook says that the restrictions for ads on non-medical masks have been lifted for the following categories:

  • non-medical grade
  • masks not promoted with medical or health claims
  • handmade or fabric masks
  • reusable masks
  • refashioned materials (notably things from clothing retailers who have started producing, like neoprene, etc)

However, the best part is that Facebook has also noted that this ban lift will not apply to every advertiser who suddenly wants to get in the game and sell masks. They have outlined requirements around advertisers who are allowed to run these ads.

To prevent unknown entities from suddenly piling in and potentially scamming buyers, advertisers must meet some criteria. For this, you will have to be in good standing with Facebook Ads, meaning no violations or disabled instances due to policy violation.

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