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Facebook groups gets 6 more features



Facebook groups

Facebook groups now have six new features, as announced by Meta. These features all pertain to providing more options for customization and moderation.

Among these, a long-awaited feature was the ability to customize one’s About Me. It also applies to each group where they are active. Additionally, users can display an indicator. It signals to group members whether they’ll accept private messaging. It will help avoid misunderstandings or unwelcome communication.

With the recent update, members who contribute the most to a group can take on more responsible roles. It will also help the group admins reward members. It will benefit those who create a positive and welcoming atmosphere in the group.

Facebook groups received more features to assist in moderation and fact-checking. The Admin Assist tool has received updates. It can now suspend posts rated false by external fact-checking software on its own. Thus, the members are not subject to inaccurate information. Admins can remove the post in question.

To share a reel to a Facebook group, the member had to post it on Facebook or another platform first. Yet, sharing a Reel with a group is now possible without taking the previous step. It means that there is now a Reel feature exclusive to the groups.

The events within Facebook groups are now shareable as Instagram stories. However, it is an excellent way to connect the two platforms and grow the user base. Users can inform their Instagram friends of upcoming events. It also leads to more participation and benefits.

Recently, Facebook users may see many posts flagged. The posts may be, in their opinion, harmless. The use of certain words that Facebook flags may be neutral, depending on context. Thus, Facebook is beta testing a new option. It also allows admins to share flagged posts with a group using their good judgment and common sense.

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