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Bing incorporates the IndexNow and All in one SEO




Bing announces integration of All in one SEO and IndexNow. This means All In One SEO Plugin for WordPress supports the IndexNow protocol. This will inform search engines about content changes.

The biggest issue with SEO is the time it takes to discover changes on the website. Most of the website owners wait for weeks or months before they recognize their changes.

By that time, the website itself makes more changes that are unrecognizable. This induces frustration among digital marketing companies and SEO managers. The integration prevents wastage of time from weeks to a few hours.

The All In One SEO WordPress plugin consists of more than two million users. It is one of the most popular SEO plugins. The biggest benefit it offers is providing a single plugin for many actions. The other features constitute On-page analysis and the use of schema markup to provide context to Google bots crawling a website. It also uses a local SEO package for improved rankings and Sitemaps for videos.

IndexNow notifies search engines like Bing, Google, and Yandex of changes to a website. For instance, if a site creates a blog, deletes pages, or loads hundreds of product URLs, then it submits HTTP requests.

It pings the search engines to make them aware of the changes made to websites. It also notifies them about the need for new indexing and ranking.

Search bots only crawl websites looking for new and changed content. Until this happens, the index for the site won’t change. IndexNow is a supported protocol for crawling.

The foundation of a website is proper indexing and ranking in search engines. But waiting for weeks or longer for a web crawl is frustrating. Now, Integration between All In One SEO and IndexNow means no waiting. This means faster conversions, goal achievement, and more customer engagement. Bing is the second largest search engine following Google.

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