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Beeper hits a snag once again in its fight against Apple: Report




By now, we are sure that everyone knows about Beeper and its intentions which are that it wants Android users to have the same iMessage that is used by millions of iPhone users but without the blue bubble/green bubble saga which is taking place right now. Basically, it is known that if you send an iMessage from your iPhone to another iPhone user then both of you have a blue bubble but if the same message is sent from an Android then the bubble of Android user turns green so as to differentiate between Android and iPhone users. Beeper says that this is not right and wants to change this.

However, in all this, we know that the company has to fight against Apple and we know how its going to end for them. Still, they are giving a tough fight despite Apple doing everything it can to block Beeper’s access to iMessage. In the latest development, Beeper Mini’s users have not been able to send messages from their Android phones once again. Due to this, Beeper now says that Android users will have to use a Mac in order to keep iMessage running. This is basically what the partnership between Nothing and Sunbird was all about because they were also using Macs and logging users via those remote Macs. However, they are nowhere to be heard ever since their privacy saga surfaced.

But it looks like Beeper is not going to back down and fight Apple till the end. One thing to keep in mind is also that this could all be a drama to catch people’s attention, as we believe was done by Nothing and Sunbird, and not really a fight against Apple. Talking about the solution from Beeper, the company says that “If you use Beeper Mini, you can use your Mac registration data with it as well, and Beeper Mini will start to work again. Beeper needs to periodically regenerate this data even after you’ve connected, roughly once per week or month, so the Mac needs to switched on regularly.” However, some users are frustrated by this constant shutdowns and say that “At this point, I am willing to wait for Apple to come out with RCS support.”

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