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Apple wants to train its AI using news, looks to sign exclusive deals: Report



Apple and its AI model

We know that similar to the likes of OpenAI and Google that have their own LLM models as well as chatbots based on them, Apple is also working on its own LLM as well as chatbot which will be released to the world soon enough. However, the problem with Apple is that they are consistently late compared to others when we look at the software side of things. The common saying from Apple fans is that the company looks at all the positives and negatives of a technology and then looks to implement it. Same seems to be the case with AI also as Apple has not yet spoken anything about its AI or LLM models out in the public. However, the company is looking for partnership with news publishers to train its LLM model.

New York Times, the publication that originally broke this story, has reported that “The response from the publishers seems mixed. Apparently, the publishers might be “potentially on the hook for any legal liabilities that could stem from Apple’s use of their content,” and Apple has apparently been “vague” about its plans for news and generative AI. However, other news executives were reportedly more positive about the possibility of partnering with Apple.” The report also mentions that Apple is discussing “multiyear deals worth at least $50 million,” and has been in touch with publications like Condé Nast, NBC News, and IAC.

While we are not hearing much about Apple and its AI technology so far as much as Google or OpenAI, it is reported that “the company is apparently working hard to catch up, reportedly spending “millions of dollars a day” on AI. It recently released a machine learning framework to build models that run well on Apple Silicon and is working to optimize the ability to run LLMs on phones. And Bloomberg reported that Apple is developing an improved version of Siri and is planning AI-focused features for the next big iOS release. The Verge reports that “Apple wouldn’t be the first to partner with news organizations on its AI efforts; OpenAI has signed deals with the Associated Press and Politico parent company Axel Springer to use their stories to help train its AI models. And Google has said it’s working on AI-powered tools to assist journalists.”

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