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Apple is planning to upgrade its App Store Search Engine soon



Apple Search (mockup)

When it comes to search engines, we know that Google is one of the best and there is no other competition in the same level right now. This is quite clear from their market share too which is currently at more than 90% of the entire internet whereas others are just having a negligible market share despite the introduction of ChatGPT and GPT-4 inside Bing which did increase its market share but not enough to compete with Google even now. However, we have long heard about reports that Apple is the only company that can compete with Google in the search engine department if it wants to.

Well, that is what a new report says as well which reveals that Apple is planning to upgrade the search engine of its App Store very soon. You might be aware that Google also has a search engine inside its Play Store but Apple’s App Store search engine falls behind the Play Store search engine as well. So it wants to give a better experience to its users by giving them an upgrade. Apart from that, the report also mentions that this could be used as a bargaining chip against Google when its renewal comes to keep Google Search the default on all Apple devices.

Apple can claim that they have everything it takes to build a search engine and they can remove Google as the default and promote its own search engine to its users which might not make them abandon Google but its market share and traffic will be reduced greatly. Also, Google knows that their major revenue source is Search so they will do anything to keep the traffic coming. Bloomberg reports that “former Google executive John Giannandrea’s search team is working to bake the internally-named “Pegasus” search engine more deeply into iOS and macOS and could even use generative AI tools to enhance it further”. While we know that poaching is common in the tech industry, it does make sense to poach someone from Google in order to build a search engine as they are the ones who would know the best about making one.

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