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AllSocial platform promises no limits on reach of their posts




You must have heard about the fact that your social media posts are not seen by 100% of your friends or followers majority of the times. It is quite unlikely that even one of your posts has been seen by your friends or your followers on any platform such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. There is no problem with your posts but this is just how the search algorithms work. It is done in order to promote relevant posts from people rather than showing everything they post.

However, Facebook has started to provide option to see each and everything someone posts as you can select from the Following tab. Now, there is a new social media platform that eliminates the need to select such an option because it claims to show you everything without limits. AllSocial, the new social media platform with this claim, also says it is designed in a way to never sell user data. AllSocial claims that current social media posts often reach less than 5% of a given user’s friends and followers

Also, people don’t realize they are seeing such a low number of posts from their friends and followers and they are here to change that. The company says that their idea is to “empower all users to get the maximum reach for all posts and shared content.” Now, we know that this might not be the best time to launch a new business but we are talking about a social media platform so such a thing does not apply and this might be the best time for them.

AllSocial also took advantage of COVID-19 situation by creating resources and communities with daily news updates, in-home workouts, project tips, etc., to answer social distancing challenges. If and how this social media platform picks up is there for everyone to see in the coming months.

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