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All-new Dynamic Exclusion Lists by Google



Dynamic Exclusion Lists

Goggle recently has declared the adding of dynamic exclusion lists, which will aid the advertisers a lot. This will help the advertisers in countering the negative placements of advertisements. This can be crucially important for advertisers, as that can increase the brand’s safety.

Dynamic exclusion lists simplify placement management by updating the exclusion lists dynamically.  Advertisers, through the help of this, can keep their exclusions updated and can also opt into a third-party list which will help in brand protection. The exclusion list is also in the format of web pages or an entire domain; dynamic exclusion can update via several formats.

This will help the advertisers to maintain and update their preexisting exclusion lists. Advertisers can now leverage the exclusion lists to the knowledge of other third parties, like advocacy organizations and industry groups. By uploading the exclusion list to the Google Ads account, the advertisers can easily schedule the exclusion list to get an automatic update with the domains and web pages. So, through this, advertisers can easily use the list uploaded by third parties without them manually updating it.

Brand safety is the most powerful advantage you can gain here, as the lists are uploaded in bulk. With brand safety exclusion, advertisers can gain the benefit of more individualized performance-based exclusions. So, to safeguard their brand, advertisers can easily work with other larger organizations and industry groups. Advertisers get the upper hand in navigating certain events because the dynamic exclusion lists provide a centralized list of articles referencing certain topics.

Yes, there are some constraints in the number of dynamic exclusions lists that can be employed from an account. Like, a single account can have 20 shared exclusion lists with thousands of URLs and domains per list.

And about the appearance of dynamic exclusion lists, Google has announced that they are working on the feature, and it will be updated soon.

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