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20 start-ups are going to take part in the New Accelerator Program to expand the connectivity, as Facebook announced




Recently Facebook has announced that a group of 20 start-ups will be taking part in the new Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity program. The aim of this program is to enhance the connectivity through the internet in a maximum of regions.

As Facebook has explained recently that, “the coronavirus pandemic has exposed the hard truth of the digital divide and the critical need for reliable, affordable internet connectivity. The Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity program will strengthen emerging start-ups focused on the same goal of bringing more people online to faster internet.”

The 20 start-ups are going to take part in a 12-week virtual program. In this way, they are going to provide help through training, multiple workshops, expert interactions. Also, it is going to help through the meetings with the potential and strategic partners. It will also help investors for a better start or growth.

The program is going to start this week. Also, it will be held up to February with a demo day, in the end. This will provide the participants with an opportunity to prove their progress. Facebook aims to connect the next billion users. This is going to bring more economic opportunity and growth with its presence. Facebook has already brought more than 100 million people under one umbrella. And it continues to apply more innovative solutions like the Terragraph framework optimization and Solar powered drones for the internet.

However, the Aquila drone project has been abandoned. Though it would have provided more connectivity to remote places by operating from above. But there are optimistic expectations related to these latest programs. The latest round of start-ups may highlight new possibilities so that Facebook can connect more people and get connectivity in those regions who do not have internet access. This can facilitate more opportunities if the program goes right, and Facebook can become an essential provider in such new regions.

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