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Twitter launched the upgraded version of community notes



community notes

Twitter has launched its new birdwatch feature. It is an updated version of the community notes available on Twitter since 2021. It will allow the moderators to rate and comment on tweets and give access to all users wide to view the facts check.

The company announced the new feature on its Twitter handle with the name BirdWatch. The thread also explained the technicalities and details of the new feature.

Community notes was a tweeter feature that allowed the moderators to comment on public tweets. The users can also rate the comments, which act as social proof of the information.

Twitter users can apply to become moderators if they are eligible. A moderator can add notes to tweets and receive stars from the users.

It is one of the few features of Twitter that Elon Musk appreciates. He said in his tweets Community Notes is a game-changer for Twitter; it will also improve the accuracy of the information provided on the platform.

Community Notes is similar to Birdwatch and was just rebranded after Elon took over the company. The only main difference except their name is that community notes were only accessible to US users.

Birdwatch is open to all features; all Twitter users worldwide can see the notes on the Tweets. The update now also allows people to become moderators from other countries as well. To become a moderator, they must go through a three-step process.

First, the Twitter account must not have violated any rules, the account must have a valid mobile number with an authentic provider, and the account must be six months or older.

Second, The users must agree to community values like contributing to building understanding, helping users even if they disagree, and acting in good faith.

The last is that users must accept the terms that the notes and rating will be public. A user that fulfills the criteria and accepts the conditions can become a moderator. Twitter will look into the application and provide them with authority to and notes to tweets.

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