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Tips for LinkedIn advertisers on LinkedIn Ads [Podcast]




LinkedIn Ads experts on the Marketing O’Talk podcast revealed certain CPC cost lowering tactics. Also, they highlighted the importance of targeting opportunities for B2B and more. They have discussed further with tips, strategies for the more growth of opportunities in the field of advertisement in LinkedIn.

The host Christine “Shep” Zirnheld joined with the LinkedIn experts Aj Wilcox, Andrea Cruz, and Mark saltarelli. They revealed the strategies for Google advertisers to succeed with the LinkedIn Ads and the future of the platform.

In answer to the question about the sales qualified leads with the LinkedIn Ads lead generation, Cruz has answered strategically. He agreed with the easy filling out with the autofill feature of LinkedIn Ads lead generation forms.

She has further added, “A best practice is to create friction [by] adding checkboxes or something to make people stop and think ‘Okay, I’m filling out a form’.” This is one of her strategies to increase the quality of the leads. Her recommendations also include CRM integration with LinkedIn Ads for quick new leads.

On the matter of Cost-cutting strategies, Saltarelli said “Ignore LinkedIn’s recommended CPCs. Sometimes you can be successful with a bid as low as $2.”

As per the opinion of Saltarelli, it is better to start low at the beginning. She further added to have a look at the impression based on the increasing of the bid based auction performance.

In reply to the question about the types of businesses that can become successful on LinkedIn, Wilcox has presented four criteria. The criteria focus on the target audience, new customer value to the business, advertiser’s offering, and the right budget for the platform. Wilcox further recommended the following:

” I say, don’t even approach the platform unless you’ve got 5K to spend, that generally will give you enough data that you can actually start to optimize to the things that matter.”

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