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Recently 17 end user domain name sales took place



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Last week’s domain name sales list of the end-users is full of blockchain-related purchases. Though this week, there is not any. Either it is an anomaly, or the companies are busy figuring out where the crypto prices are heading.

Here is the list of the end user domain name sales which gets the completion at Sedo: $42,000 – Go Marketing, Inc. has bought this domain, but it is currently promoting events based on blockchain and cryptocurrency. $33,000 – Sergei is a software engineer who has bought this domain. €3,000 – This domain has been forwarded to, which is however a German charitable foundation that aids sick children. $8,999 – The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane has purchased this domain. They are also famous for the offering of social services. $3,800 – New Community Church is a Mesquite, Texas-based community church that has bought this domain. €2,888 – Marketplace.IntelligentCitiesChallenge.EU has bought this domain which is a website for the 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge. €3,499 – Overture is going to come up as a music app. It comes with a message which says, “Join the future of music creation”.

Blackjack .me $8,000 – Revshare Group Ltd, a Malta-based company that operated in the casino space. $9,000 – It is a Florida- based company named 100 Fish LLC that has bought this domain. $2,500 – This site that sells fancy rubber band bracelets has bought this domain. €2,600 – Greenpeace Energy has purchased this domain. It is also a German electric utility cooperative that focuses on bringing more eco-friendly energy. €2,500 – has bought this domain. It is a German investment firm. $2,245 – SensorRy AI is an AI technology firm that is dedicated to developing technologies to protect natural resources. $2,000 – AAA Limo Services in California has purchased this domain.

Evolution .mn $2,500 – Evolution, which is a B2B online gaming solutions provider, has bought this domain. $2,000 – An information site for European football (soccer) news has bought this domain. $2,000 – The International Tourism NFT Association is now the owner of this domain.

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