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Rank products on Google with duplicate descriptions



duplicate descriptions

Googles’ Analyst John Mueller answers how Google makes use of product descriptions to rank products online. It explains how Google deals with different merchandise, which often results in duplicate descriptions.

Mueller also addresses how negative rankings from duplicate content can affect the products. He creatively explained how Google effectively ranks product pages for similar projects.

A person also asked how Google ranks different eCommerce products with the same description. He asked, “Would it be counted as duplicate content by Google if I write one … high-quality product description for everyone? Or is it better to have unique descriptions for each one, which reduces the quality of the content?”

John advises that product descriptions must be unique. It should have high quality. However, he was doubtful if unique content is responsible for reducing the quality of the content.

He also supported his answer that Google doesn’t demote sites that produce duplicate descriptions.

Mueller practically pointed out that if someone is browsing Google for a piece of content in the duplicate description page. Google will immediately try to find a bunch of original pages to trace back the content. It will never try to penalize the website for duplicate description or derank it.

He also goes on to explain why the browser limits the number of similar pages. He supported his answer by stating that “It’s more from a practical point of view we recognize you have this content on a lot of your pages. So if someone is searching specifically for that content, it doesn’t make sense for us to show all of those pages. And that’s… reasonable when people are searching for a piece of content. They don’t need to find all of the pages within your website that have that piece of content.”

Lastly, Mueller cautions on the importance of utilizing text to explain what the products look like. It is essential to accurately explain how products regularly. Duplicate descriptions create a negative impact on search presence.

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