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Popular WooCommerce plugin is patching vulnerability




The famous WooCommerce Booster plugin has patched a vulnerability. It is called Reflected Cross-Site Scripting. It has affected more than 70,000 websites that used this plugin.

Booster is a famous all-rounder WordPress plugin for WooCommerce. It offers more than 100 operations to customize WooCommerce stores.

The modular bundle provides every necessary functionality for running an eCommerce store. It involves shopping cart customization, custom payment gateways, custom price buttons, and labels.

A reflected cross-site scripting vulnerability occurs whenever an input looks for something particular. However, it prioritizes other inputs, including malicious scripts.

Then, an attacker can execute scripts of the browser of the website visitor. In case the user is an admin, then there is a chance for the attacker to steal admin credentials. Also, this is how the attacker can take over the website.

Vulnerability includes a failure to escape some of the URLs. It means encoding these URLs in special characters. The WooCommerce plugin is now one of the most popular targets.

Reflected attacks take place when the injected scrip reflects off the web server. An E-mail message is a popular way of delivering reflected attacks to the victims.

It can lead to various problems for the end user. Right from annoyance up to a complement compromise, anything can happen.

Escaping URLs means encoding URLs in an expected format. The failure to encode URLs allows the attackers to input something else. In most cases, they inject a malicious script or something else, such as redirection to a malicious website.

The plugin’s changelog refers to a Cross-Site Request Forgery vulnerability. The plugin users must consider updating to the plugin’s latest version.

Vulnerability can take place anytime. The attackers are always in motion to attack the victims. However, it is our duty to stay cautious. Sharing the credentials and giving access to others may lead to problems.

It is always better to stay aware of the people beside us. The apps are making changes in their updates to fill the loopholes so that the attackers stay out of it.

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