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Oath (Yahoo) gets its patent for integrated domain and trademark search



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The U.S Patent and Trademark Office opted for the granting of patent number 10956516 to Oath Inc. (Yahoo). It is for the “collectively performing domain searches and trademark searches”. This trademark search comes with a large number of benefits for the users.

The Patent comes up with a description. It is describing the system to search for domains along with the other trademarks at the same time. It tends to appear that the primary purpose of Oath is for a domain search that can cross-sell all the trademark registration to all the registrants.

If you look at the example, it becomes easier to understand. For example, this system is going to pitch the registering with a trademark for an “example” to someone who is registering with the domain Presumably, they are going to need a file along with an intent-to-use trademark application in case they are registering with a domain for their new business.

This idea is quite interesting as it can also be used for warning the registrants. With this trademark search, it is easier to warn the registrants that a domain which they are registering comes similar to another trademark. This is going to save the domains from any kinds of copyright issues. It is also going to be very helpful for maintaining a very individual identity trait.

Going through a quick search on the Yahoo Domains may not let you see the implementation of this idea. However, it is easy to apply as you finish up with your registration with the domain. Oath came to be applied for the trademark in June 2018, and it received the grant now.

Hence this is going to help people register their domain and trademark at the same time. This is simply another easing-out method for the trademark search. This is going to facilitate the easy task for the users.

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