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New Google Ads Budget reports can track daily campaign spend



Google Ads

Google Ads is now presenting a new budget report. It has a design that will help advertisers to understand their spending behavior on a daily and monthly basis.

Advertisers face difficulty in finding out the campaign budget that they spend from day to day. This new report in Google Ads is aiming to work as a remedy. It will also highlight how campaign performance gets affected due to the past budget change.

Your budget report offers insight into how your spending is affecting your budget. At the same time, it shows the breakdown of your daily spendings throughout a month.

In case you change your average daily budget in a month, then the budget report can show you what effect is taking place in your spending. Also, it will show you the maximum monthly spend.

In the report, you can also find out a projection of how much you are more likely to spend on Google Ads by the end of the month.

The Google Ads budget report visualizes a lot of data sets. It includes the Daily Spend. It could be up to twice the daily budget average of days when ads get more clicks and conversions. Also, it further comes with a Monthly Spending Limit. This will not exceed your average daily budget after getting multiplied by the number of days in a month.

It also includes the Monthly Spend forecast, which comes with the cost to date and any kind of budget change that has taken place in – between. To access this budget report, you will need to have a campaign with your date range. It must include the current month.

In case you meet that requirement, you can get the budget report from a variety of places in Google Ads.

As you are viewing the Campaigns page, you can also hover over your campaign budget and then click on “view budget report” to get it.

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