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Microsoft Advertising notifies about its new Multimedia Ads for search



Multimedia Ads

Microsoft Advertising has now announced its new and responsive ad format. It has been named as the multimedia ads. These ads will now combine the images, headlines, and descriptions of the advertisers. It will use machine learning to create more engaging and appealing ads.

The Multimedia Ads will now be delivered on the search pages. It will also have the feature in the mainliner at the top area of the SERP or on the right rail area. Now there will be only one multimedia ad for each page. Hence, only one advertiser can deliver a multimedia ad at one time.

The Multimedia Ads will allow the advertisers to show their brand in a very attractive and ad-rich format. Multimedia Ads have already started their journey to become available both officially and globally.

Users are familiar with the very responsive display of the ad creation on Google. Now they will find the setup of the Multimedia Ads becoming very familiar. This is also very closely resembling the creation process for the Responsive Search Ads. At the same time, it will get the ability to use rich visual assets along with the combination of the text.

Microsoft Advertising is strongly recommending the advertisers upload the various creative variations of the high-quality images. They can now upload images with 4 aspect ratios: 1.91:1, 1:1, 1:2, and 4:1.

Only one multimedia ad can display at one time. The Microsoft Ads have been rolling out with the bid adjustment settings. Advertisers can also add the additional bid modifier for the ad placement of multimedia.

Microsoft Advertising will create the recommendations with the existing image assets of the advertisers. Also, they will use the text ads assets and the stock image for it.

After the addition of the recommendations to an account, advertisers will get a 7-day review period. They can apply or dismiss it and will auto-apply to the account. Advertisers can also apply the functionality automatically at the account level.

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