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Microsoft Advertising Brings Open Data for Credit Card Ads



Credit Card Ads

Microsoft Advertising has recently announced an open beta for its new ad unit. This unit has the name of the credit card ads.

The Credit Card Ads of Microsoft Advertising is now targeting the advertisers of the United States and Canada.

Microsoft has followed a feed-based design to create these dynamically generated ads. They have created the ads from feeds, and these ads do not get triggered from the keywords or site content.

The feeds of ads include various things like card issuer, rewards annual feed, cashback percentages, and sign-up bonuses. Microsoft is suggesting to include a proper amount of detail in the ads.

Credit card Ads are now available on the right rail of Bing SERP beside text ads. Microsoft has shared some of the types of queries that the ads will show. These include the card category, brand name, credit level, and more.

Microsoft further notes that credit card ads auction is quite separate from the text ads auction.

Advertisers can further leverage from both the credit card auction and can participate in the text ad auction with regular search campaigns. Thus there is an opportunity to serve ads in the text ad-block and the credit card block for the same auction.

Microsoft Advertising further shared that their early tests are showing an increase in conversion. Also, there is a decrease in CAP. They shared that one customer in the ads flight has seen a 46% lift in conversion rate. They have further shared that advertisements have seen 70% of lower costs per acquisition.

To sign Up for the open beta for the ads, one needs to reach the Microsoft advertising rep. They can also use the link to enroll. As you are in beta, you will need to offer a feed. A comprehensive feed with rich attributes like image URLs and contextual keywords is very crucial for your success. They further recommended a feed schedule to update your feed data.

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