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Meta can remove the news if the publisher’s competition act pass




Meta threatened to remove the news from its platforms if the government forced them to pay the publishers. According to the new Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA), all social media platforms must compensate news publications. The act takes all the local and international news publishers into account.

If the act passes, it will allow publishers to negotiate revenue deals with social media platforms. It will be a burst for the news broadcasting platforms like Google and Meta.

Meta’s policy and communication director, Andy Stone, tweeted on the matter. He said that Meta would have no choice but to remove news publishers from the platform if the government forces them to an unfair agreement. The platforms like Meta are providing an equal value of traffic and subscribers already.

Adding to his statement, he said the JCPA fails to recognize that news publishers are using our platform because it benefits them. We tend to gain nothing from news publications. He concluded by saying that the government is making a ‘cartel-like entity’. Paying for the content that the users don’t want to read is a lost revenue system.

The Judiciary Committee passed the law in September, and the Senate is yet to hear on the bill. The news is the last concern for the company. It focuses more on content from friends and family rather than news. The last time the news got some attention from Meta was when it made a separate column for news. Since then, Meta hasn’t shown any interest in that area.

Reports suggest that Meta is the leading brand for online news broadcasts. But the news publishers now seem to shift toward Twitter and YouTube. Some of the antitrust leaders believe that Meta is playing the bluff card, the same as he did in Australia and Canada.

If the government passes the bill, will the company do as it says, or it’s just another bluff? And how will it affect the news publications worldwide if Meta decides to do so?

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