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Jetpack get hands on Security company WPScan




Jetpack is a division of the Commercial arm of WordPress, Automatic. It has recently been announced that it is taking over the most popular WPScan WordPress security suite company. WPScan offers resources that enable WordPress and the ecosystem of WordPress security to further fight back against various security issues. Jetpack works as a suite of WordPress tools. It also includes various security components.

WordPress security is a very important area, and it is something that the competitors cite as a weakness. Thus, it makes sense for Jetpack to take acquisition over the company for a proactive stance on the security of WordPress.

Jetpack has further promised to keep the product completely free for any non-commercial use. It also notes that some of the WPScan will get absorbed into the security offering with the suite of tools in Jetpack.

WPScan is a database for vulnerabilities. It offers an API for database access. It includes a tool for the FOScam Security Scanner and a CLI scanner. Also, it works as a WordPress security plugin.

The WPScan is the first openly available database that records all the WordPress vulnerabilities. It makes all the information available through an API. The information about the vulnerability gets curated through WPScan and contributors.,

WPScan also works as an official CVE Numbering Authority. They can assign the number of vulnerabilities that the security community references. The database is easy to access. Based on how many API calls are made to the database, the information becomes available free through API.

The WPScan also offers a security scanner which is a Command Line Interface scanner. It is free from any non-commercial purpose for scanning website vulnerabilities. The WPScan also offers a free plugin that scans a website for determining the installation itself and the themes or plugins have vulnerabilities or not. The plugin used the WPScan database API for checking all the vulnerabilities.

The plugin can scan for any of the common weaknesses, which can make a website vulnerable enough.

Jetpack has acquired WPScan as it wants to open up its data more to continue with the rescuers for the entire WordPress ecosystem.

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