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Google’s new update on the Search Console Crawl Stats Report



Search Console

Google just made its announcement on the launch of the updated version of theGoogle Search Console Crawl Stats report. The latest Crawl Stats report has come with new features along with the granular insights in Google’s crawling movement to your website.

Google’s Craw; Stats Report comes with a 90 day of accounting with all the files with the Googlebot has downloaded. This also includes the CSS, PDFs and images, and JavaScript. The Crawl Stats report is meant to help with the tracking of the changes in the crawling pattern.

But a sudden increase in the crawl rate can also indicate that there is something misconfiguration, which is causing the site to opt for the auto-generating of the thin or duplicate web pages.

Here are the features that come with the New Crawl Stats report:

  • Detailed information on the status host.
  • The total number of the requests collected and grouped by the crawled file type, response code, Googlebot type, and the crawl purpose.
  • URL examples for showing where the requests of your site get occurred.
  • A comprehensive summary of the properties with the multiple hosts and the support for the domain properties.

Google’s announcement also highlighted the updates on the Grouped Crawl Data, Over-time Charts, and High Level & Detailed Information on the Host Status Issues reports.

The updated Grouped Crawl Data report on the search console comes with more granular details, as it says-

” …provides data on crawl requests broken down by response, the file type of the fetched URL, the purpose of the crawl request, and Googlebot agent.”

Google also summarized the improvement as:

  • You’ll be able to see Google’s crawling history in the overtime charts.
  • Users will be able to see the file type and the file sizes returned from your site.
  • It also enables us to see the crawl requests detailed in the example list.
  • You can track your site’s availability issues from the host status view.

Publishers are going to have the benefits from the Crawl Stats Report as a part of their site’s performance monitoring.

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