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Google will stop selling Glass Enterprise Edition to cut costs



Google Glass

Google is known to be a company that bets on the future and it sees things a decade ahead of time whereas most other companies are focused on the current technology. Similar was the case with its acquisition of YouTube and Android as the company saw that they will be the future and invested heavily in them. However, Google’s luck with hardware has not always been fruitful as we already know with a lot of products. Talking about hardware, we know that Google released a product named Google Glass quite a long time ago. At that time, Google said that this will be the future of how people wear glasses which can see things in front of their eyes.

However, Google Glasses had a concern for those who had power because of the fact that they can only see the visuals in the glass and not what both simultaneously. However, new versions of the Google Glass were released later on and we know that the product has become quite mature now. Having said that, the high price tag and clunkiness of the Glass did not attract customers and this was the reason why Google decided to sell its Glass to Enterprise customers.

Now, we have to report that even the Google Glass Enterprise Edition is being shelved after its launch in 2017 and this is a cost cutting move by the company. Just last summer, Google said that “Augmented reality (AR) is opening up new ways to interact with the world around us. It can help us quickly and easily access the information we need — like understanding another language or knowing how best to get from point A to point B.”

Apple and Snapchat are also working on their own set of augmented reality glasses so it will be interesting see how this decision of Google to shut down their Glass Enterprise Edition will go down with these companies. It is still worth noting that the implementation of these glasses is up for question as technology is great for consumption from a safe distance but these glasses are worn from a very close distance to the eyes and that is the reason why it might be unsafe.

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