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Google will publish less AI Research thanks to OpenAI and Microsoft



Google Research

While many don’t know about this, Google is indeed a very good company when it comes to publishing research papers and guides for everyone to follow and build upon. It is also one of the best companies when it comes to open source contribution as we already know that it publishes the latest versions of Android OS to the open-source community as well so that they can build upon it and it is also the reason why we see custom roms in development even till today. However, as they say, good things don’t last forever and we are seeing that happen right now to Google’s AI Research as well.

No, Google is not stopping its research on AI and why would it? The thing we are reporting today is that Google has told its staff that it will restrict the research papers that it publishes online because the company has found that the research it has done over the past has helped companies like OpenAI build tools like ChatGPT. While even that is not the problem, the issue is with Microsoft who funded OpenAI and has now almost made OpenAI a private company instead of the open-source company that it was prior to last year.

This is the core reason why Google is upset with Microsoft as the company has started to profit from the goodwill of them publishing the research they have done in AI so far. If OpenAI was still a non-profit like before, it had no problem but now that it is controlled by Microsoft means that it is now a rival company and this has led to Google taking this decision. As per a source, “Staff were informed earlier this year that the company would be more strategic about what it publishes” and added that “this includes curtailing investment in fundamental research that doesn’t have a clear path to commercialization”. It is worth noting that Google is a hot-favorite place to work among researchers because of the fact that they previously funded researches that had no commercial value for them which is not often the case with other companies. Looks like that might change soon with Google as well.

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