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Google will pay NYT $100 million over next three years: WSJ




If you know about Google and how it sources its content, you would know that they have crawlers all over the web that index data from different websites and that is how you see the search results from variety of websites on the web. This is also a part of the SEO where you can optimize your website to get higher rankings on Google. Now, there is also a worry that Google will be able to have less content if it carries on with Bard AI as people will not have the incentive to produce new content. Well, we now have a new report from the Wall Street Journal which reveals that Google has struck a new deal with the New York Times.

As part of this new deal, Google will pay $100 million to New York Times over the course of three years and in return, Google will be able to use the content produced by NYT on their Google News showcase as well as other platforms where Google pays creators to produce content for them. The NYT said in a statement their deal is “an expanded agreement that included content distribution and subscriptions, as well as using Google tools for marketing and ad-product experimentation”.

It is worth noting that this deal from Google was announced earlier this year via the New York Times but the financials were not revealed yet. While the NYT and Google have not revealed these financials, these details have been leaked based on filings. Google’s deal with the NYT is not the first time any company has struck a deal to use content from any publication. This has been done by Meta as well to showcase content from different publishers on Facebook News section.

This is also because Google and Facebook can’t rely on smaller publishers to index their content on the web as it could be false and that would mean hundreds of dollars in lawsuits if any of the news it publishes turns out to be fake or misleading. However, Meta recently told publishers that it will not renew contract to highlight their content on Facebook News.

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