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Google will help users keep personalized searches



personalized searches

Google is one of the world’s leading companies. All the major firms compete to display their ads on Google’s website. So, there are many ads that users interact with daily. Some users ignore it, but some get angry. Among this, personalized searches are also a deciding factor.

That is why Google is bringing in new features and updates. Some new tools to ease the anger of users are also on the way. One of the new tools is now ready to roll out into the public space. The new tool helps users customize their ads. That is also applicable to ads within personalized searches.

Google has a new My Ad Centre. It manages all the operations related to ads and personalized searches. The new center gives users the power to disable targeted ads. But through a method that does not affect features like personalized search results. Personalized search results are a very helpful feature for users.

Earlier the method to do this was very problematic. To block targeted ads, you had to go to your account settings. Then you should deny permission to collect Web and App Activity. Youtube History Data was also blocked by Google. Without permission, Google cannot deliver personalized searches to users.

My Ad Centre changes the dynamics for users now. It lets users enjoy personalized searches. It allows them to customize the ads they want or don’t want to view. This is a good step from Google as it brings in a different solution.

The new tool is quite easy to use and access. You can get to the tool through an ad now. You just need to tap on the 3 dot menu next to the ad. It will present you with the My Ad center panel. From there, you can select the option of ‘Customize more of the ads you see. You will get a button to stop personalized ads.

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