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Google Search Results come with the “Full Coverage” update for news



Google Search Results

Google Search Results is now acquiring the total coverage of features for the breaking news results. It is going to provide more amount of context regarding the stories for a variety of sources.

This full coverage for the first time got introduced in Google News in 2018. Google came up with the promise for a wider rollout for the regular search results during 2019. However, it hasn’t been materialized.

After two years, this Full Coverage is finally available for the search results. In case you are not a regular user of the Google News app, then you may haven’t yet explored the Full Coverage before. The Full Coverage of Google is using artificial intelligence for collecting various related stories in real-time.

This is not exactly a feature that is going to be available for every news story. Full coverage is now being in use for development with time.

This feature is going to surface many sources in the search results for a certain amount of stories. It has the potential for driving more traffic. There is no special way for optimizing news articles for the Full Coverage of Google other than publishing with the news. Google is deciding that it is necessary for utilizing Full Coverage.

The AI of Google is capable of understanding people, places, and other things which are within a story and how it is relating to each other. Full coverage is also organizing articles in the storylines as the news and events unfolding.

Google is saying that the Full Coverage feature in Google Search results is going to bring in more advancements than google News. It is capable of detecting long-run stories.

This Full Coverage is now available in Google’s search results which are starting in US English. It is going to be rolling on too many other countries in many locations in the next few months.

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