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Instagram Live Rooms is letting 4 people go live with one stream



Instagram Live Rooms

The new Instagram Live Rooms comes with the ability to allow four users to go live at the same time streaming. It doubles the number of participants for going live. With this new update, one user can invite three others to join them during their live broadcasting. It is easily creating opportunities for a variety of content.

In a statement, Instagram announced that they are hoping that this doubling is going to open up for more opportunities. You can start a talk show with the hosting for starting a talk show or hosting a jam session. Also, users can host a jam session for co-creating with other artists and hosts to engage in Q&As for the tutorials. Also, it is great for casual hangouts.

To start a live room, Instagram users need to open the Instagram app and swipe left to choose the Live camera options. You can add a title and tap on the Rooms icon for inviting others. You need to search for other users to add and accept a pending request in case there are any. As the users are accepting the invite, they are immediately going to add to the stream.

As soon as the other users join the stream, the followers are going to be notified for going live. It can easily multiply the reach of broadcasting. Hosts of Live rooms are going to have access to the same features as they have for solo streaming. It comes with the ability to report and block comments with the applying of filters.

It also includes more interactive tools like moderator control and audio features, which are going to be available for Live room hosting in the coming times. According to Instagram, Live Rooms are designed for safety. Users, blocked by the four participants, are not going to be able to view this streaming. Users who are having their live access revoked are not to be able to join Live Rooms.

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