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Google releases March 2024 Core Update which promises to be an explosive one



Google March 2024 Core Update

It is extremely surprising to see that when Google releases updates, everyone in the SEO world fears the worst and are actually scared to see what the effects of the rollout will be but we have seen that possibly for the first time ever, SEOs were actually happy that Google rolled out the March 2024 core update as of last night. However, it is worth noting that if the text from Google is anything to go by then it is sure that SEOs need to “buckle up” because the blog post makes for very interesting reading. The blog post from Google regarding what the update is all about is extremely explosive and says that they believe this update will reduce “40% unhelpful content” that is currently ranking on Google Search.

Basically, Google also admits that they have a lot of unhelpful content ranking on Search right now and this update is meant to fix that. Also, Google reveals that the helpful content update which was devastating last year is now baked into its Core update. So we will see the helpful content update roll out along with the core update going forward. Apart from that, Google released the March 2024 Spam update as well and the company is now considering expired domains meant for boosting rankings as spam.

Apart from targeting expired domains, Google is also going after third party content hosted on authority sites and have given a two-months warning to all those major publications that have a section on their website for third-party “parasite SEO”. That update will roll out on May 5, 2024 and it also promises to be a big one. Also, one major takeaway from Google’s announcement is that they are hinting towards a future where majority of queries which can be answered in a single word or sentence will only show SGE or sites like Reddit because they say that they will no longer sites made just for the sake of SEO and going after exact queries. This basically means that if this update is anything as effective as it sounds like, the face of SEO will change once again.

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