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Apple Reinstates Epic Games’ Developer Account Amid European Commission’s Pressure



Apple vs Epic Games

We know if there is one institution that has been keeping Apple under check then that is EU because of the fact that the company has had to do a lot many things due to EU’s pressure that they wouldn’t have done otherwise. Now, we see that in landmark decision that highlights the European Commission’s commitment to enforcing the Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple has agreed to reinstate the developer account of Epic Games. This move comes after a brief period of contention that saw Epic Games lose access to develop the Epic Games Store for iOS, threatening the comeback of Fortnite to European iOS devices.

The conflict began when Apple terminated Epic Games Sweden AB’s developer account, which Epic intended to use to launch its game store and Fortnite on iOS in Europe, leveraging the DMA’s provisions. The DMA mandates that gatekeepers like Apple must technically enable and allow the use of third-party software applications or app stores on their operating systems. By revoking Epic’s developer account, Apple not only stifled a major competitor but also signaled a challenge to the DMA’s authority, raising concerns about its commitment to allowing genuine competition on its platform.

Epic Games’ public criticism of Apple’s DMA compliance plan was cited as one of the reasons for the account termination, an action that Epic perceived as retaliation for its outspoken stance against Apple’s practices. This move by Apple was seen as an attempt to intimidate and deter developers from utilizing third-party app stores by showcasing the potential consequences of challenging or criticizing Apple.

Despite these challenges, the European Commission’s swift intervention has resulted in a positive outcome for Epic Games. The reinstatement of its developer account is a significant victory, not only for Epic but for the broader developer community. It sends a clear message that the Commission will not hesitate to enforce the DMA and ensure that gatekeepers like Apple do not undermine the act’s objectives.

This development is pivotal for Epic Games, which has a long history of collaboration with Apple, ranging from the early days of the App Store to the utilization of Apple’s technology in Epic’s Unreal Engine. The reinstatement allows Epic to proceed with its plans to launch the Epic Games Store and bring Fortnite back to iOS devices in Europe, promoting greater competition and choice for consumers and developers alike.

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