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Google explains the migration of subdomain to domain




Google explains the complexity involved in the shift of subdomain to the main domain. John Mueller, Google advocate John Mueller explains the complication involved in the shift. He provided the ways to get the most success in the shift.

A subdomain is one of the most important elements of the website. The person who asked the question showed concern about the negative impact. The transfer of a subdomain to a new location requires certain factors to consider.

John Mueller gave a general outlook on what to look out for. The outcome of a subdomain is only uncertain. It deviated from one site to another site. And also from one domain to another domain.

The key point to make a note of while the movement is to look at the website. There is a need to re-evaluate the situation. The complication hits in after as we can’t foresee the future.

It becomes necessary to understand the issue with subdomains. The migration between the two must underline. Otherwise, it could trigger a revelation of the website.

In the case of one-to-one site migration, it doesn’t have any kind of revaluation. It brings assurance as the site remains the same.

He also explains that it is hard to affirm the status of migration.

John Mueller stated, “But it’s hard to know exactly because if you move from one domain to a different domain, then it’s easy for our systems to say, take everything here and copy it over here. But if you move from a subdomain to the main domain, you’re merging different parts of the website.”

He also encouraged the need to plan ahead. Mapping the site from one location to another must follow away. It will increase the success rate to get the validation.

He prefers to create a map featuring an old subdomain structure. One can make use of the screaming frog and create 301 redirects after the site migration. It will give the assurance to 301 redirects to investigate any 404 error.

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