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Google explains fluctuations of graphs in search console



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Google continues its ‘Ask Googlebot’ video series with a new installment. This explained why Search Console graphs fluctuate when no changes get done. In the video, Google Search Advocate John Mueller says it is normal for Search Console graphs to go up and down. This could get irrespective of website updates.

Fluctuations aren’t an immediate cause for concern. However, there are factors to watch out for that could indicate there’s a problem. Graphs fluctuated in Google Search Console when a website did not get an update. And how to tell when there’s an issue to address.

With no updation on-site, moving up and down of Search Console is normal. However, all the moving parts within Google Search could cause slight differences in data. Even if one component gets changed from one day to another. Crawling from a different data center can have a noticeable impact on Search Console. This can happen even if nothing changes on your end.

Mueller states, “Google Search includes many incredibly complex and interconnected systems. Even small changes on one side can have a surprisingly visible effect. These changes tend to even themselves out overall. But when looking at the individual parts, they can still be noticeable.

For example, if crawling from one data center is minutely faster than usual, then that could cause changes to the content we have available for indexing. And, in turn, the content shown in search results.”

There’s also the possibility of websites getting traffic from sources other than Google. That can have an impact on certain sets of data in the Search Console. Mueller added that writing an insightful social media post can cause fluctuations in the charts. However, Mueller says that small changes in data aren’t worth worrying about.

Mueller continued that there’s no need to worry about little changes. These are normal for any website. Things go up a bit, things go down a bit, and that’s all fine. Hence, small fluctuations over time are normal.

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