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Google does not recommend creating a sitemap manually for large websites




We have seen that there are various factors in the world of SEO and they are useful when it is regarding the ranking of any website on Google or any other search engine. This also means that we have to take care of various factors to be kept in mind while doing the same for us or any client. One of those steps is to create a sitemap which basically creating the map of the website. This map might not be needed for us since we can navigate to the different sections if needed.

But this sitemap is made specifically for the Googlebots or other bots that need to know each and every corner of the website in order to index them inside the search engine. There are multiple ways in which you can generate a sitemap and we have hundreds of plugins that can do the job for us in seconds. However, there are many old school people who like to create their sitemaps manually. And it looks like they will need to stop doing that because Google’s John Mueller says so.

In a recent chat, Google’s John Mueller has said that creating a sitemap manually is not something that he would recommend especially for large websites that have too many sections and sub-sections. The user asked him that his only option is to create a sitemap manually since there are too many pages for the website in the industrial niche.

John recommends him to “get [the sitemap] from the CMS or the underlying database directly.” His comment on Reddit got upvoted and came to the top meaning that the majority of the SEOs also recommend not creating a sitemap manually. So if you are having this habit, it should be understood that now is the time to stop and create automatic sitemaps that might have differences between manually created ones.

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