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Google, amongst other end user buyers at GoDaddy and, are selling for $1M



end user buyers

GoDaddy came up with the release of its list for top public sales from the October of 2020. GoDaddy publishes its lists in arrears to avoid any kind of issues for being a public company. This recent list is getting led with with a large amount of $1 million. The company is talking about its top twenty end user buyers, which are helping them to grow. $977,500 – STOFF & STIL is coming with its rebranding in the name of Self Made. This company is selling fabrics and equipment for sewing accessories. $150,000 is a tennis and golf company which are using their descriptive domain. It also sells roller skates and inline skates. $150,000 and $107,222, on the other hand, is a buyer from China who is not anymore active. ($100,000) is a training company for people who sell on Amazon. $99,000 comes with an unknown buyer, as the amount is not that big $94,888 – Light rock with holding AG with an investment firm which is using domain. $90,000, on the other hand, is a web infrastructure designing platform with works to offer Automation Cloud. $85,000 – is a Penske Media Corporation which is the owner of Rolling Stone, Billboard, etc. Also, there is $75,000, which is a kind of platform for investment ideas. $74,000 – works as the Nana Innovation products that sell equipment for personal protectives. $72,000, on the other hand, is a domain for Whois privacy. $62,500 works as a user experience agency for UX connections.

There are companies like $62,400) and $60,000. Also there are other low investing domains like $60,000, $58,000, $57,000. Also, there are other end user buyers like $53,900 and $52,875, who have participated in this venture.

Hopefully, this is going to help GoDaddy to stay clear from any kind of issues along with Google so that it can expand more and more with better revenue reach.

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