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Firefox comes up with Total Cookie protection




The latest release of Mozilla allows stricter blocking of the cookies. This is the new and significant move in their continuing fight to protect the data of users.

Firefox ranks in the number 3rd position with 3.65% of browser market share. It competes with the other search engines like Safari’s 19.37% and Chrome’s 63.63%. Now the questions popping up if Firefox’s latest cookie blocker is going to enhance the user service or not.

The Strict Enhanced Tracking Protection of the platform performs the Total Cookie Protection. The announcement regarding this came upon the 23rd of February of Tuesday besides the release of Firefox 86.

Mozilla indicated the Total Cookie Protection as a very ‘major advance’ in the confinement of the cookies. These are dropped by the websites from the new ‘ cookie jars’.

According to the description of Mozilla, this new blocker is using its ‘cookie jar’ analogy, where the third party drops a cookie in your browser. It is also going to have the accumulation of data. It confines to its own cookie jar.

This is going to prevent the tracking of the companies from the following of your online activity from one site to another. However, the Total Cookie Protection is the latest step by Mozilla to add up to the protection of people’s privacy while using the web.

This Standard Enhanced Tracking Protection comes with the default setting for Firefox users. It is going to block all the social media trackers, cross-site cookies, content tracking in private windows, fingerprints, and crypto miners.

If the users choose to activate the Strict Mode, content trackers from all the windows will block them. Also, everything which is available on the Standard Mode will be blocked.

The cookie block may allow a site to appear to be broken as it blocks the hidden trackers within the site content. This can be frustrating for marketers, and also marketers can lose their access to data.

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