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DuckDuckGO surprisingly hits 100 billion searches




All year growth slows down, even over 100 billion searches on DuckDuckGo.

It made an announcement on Twitter. DuckDuckGo highlights the big news that they hit 100 billion private browsers. They also mention that “Your search history is secure, assurance of Right to privacy, your browsing is your business.”

Going for numbers, DuckDuckGo’s selling point is losing its attraction. DuckDuckGo’s average search volume went high by 17%. The growth rate recorded between January 2021 to January 2022 was a 73% increase.

This record has been the slowest growth rate for DuckDuckGo in the last five years. This sudden steep growth counts between 2020 to 2021.

In the years before, the striking growth limits to 50%. The track of growth in daily searches of the search engine was low.

DuckDuckGo sustained its growth from 2020 to 2021 and grew it by a small margin. That’s a positive impact in comparison to past years. It degraded in daily search volume.

Last January showed a wave of positivity when DuckDuckGo came into the limelight. It showed possibilities of growth. It hit #1 in the iOS App Store in the Utility category. The search volume also went up over 50%.

It cracked the top 10 in the iOS App Store among the popular apps. Currently, it also acquires #18 in the utility category. It is at the lowest among all apps that the data isn’t available.

DuckDuckGo was the #2 mobile search engine in the US. This year it went down and lost itself to Yahoo. Currently, DuckDuckGo is also the third most popular search engine in the US.

In particular, DuckDuckGo is losing its pace. Lack of innovation is a key reason for appeal. However, the company is taking steps to launch a desktop browser.

Privacy is important. But the hindrance to quality search results gives the search engine a thumbs down. Let’s see what else DuckDuckGo creates for its searchers after 100 billion.

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