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Core Web Vitals pays no impact on indexing



Core Web Vitals

Better Core Web Vitals Scores will not contribute to improving indexing. Google states good core web vitals scores don’t guarantee your pages get indexed.

John Mueller, Google’s Search Advocate, stated this during the SEO office-hours hangout.

Mueller explained the relation between the Web Vitals and site quality. He also responded to its effects on the indexing of the site. Site quality relates to indexing.

Google aims to index quality content that will add value to the web. If the site doesn’t meet the threshold quality, it will lead to slower indexing. This may lead to sites not getting indexed at all.

Hence, Core Web Vitals account for ranking factors. They do not affect quality factors. The increase in scores won’t have any influence on indexing.

Mueller responded that he could not answer this without a reference to a particular website. He also stated Core Web Vitals, and Page Experience do not determine quality factors. These have a few impacts on indexing.

Also, neither crawling nor indexing sites lead to better ranking scores. There’s very little relation between the faster loading of the page and the speed of crawling. Hence, these all are very little interlinked to each other.

Mueller also continued that faster crawling won’t fuel good scores. Core Web Vitals and Page Experience factors are elements that work a little in the loading of a page.

Page loading depends on many factors. It forms more requests to the server. Pages have large fonts or large images linked to other sites. All these elements work to load pages faster. But these don’t actually work for faster crawling.

The slow server will lead to a couple of sections. This will lead to slower loading. Google’s crawling will get slow as that of a snail. But in pages having faster crawling, there’s not much relation with Vitals scores. Crawling and indexing are independent of it.

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