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Clicks launched as an alternative to bring back Blackberry keyboard for iPhones



Clicks for iPhone

We know that there is a lot of innovation that takes place in the market every day, every month and every year and we see that most of it is either not materialized or there is some problem but some of it does come out in the market and then it is up to the people to like it or not. However, we see that there is a market that tries to bring back nostalgic products as well that are not really an innovation but bringing back what was already there and has been lost for the current technology. Talking about the same, we are sure that you all loved using the older Blackberry phones because of its great QWERTY keyboards.

However, we know that the company is no longer making phones because it could not switch to newer technologies and once it did, it was too late. Also, people have moved to touchscreen keyboards and the idea of physical keyboard with Android or iOS did not make sense. But we now have a YouTuber named Michael Fischer who has launched a new venture called Clicks which is bringing back the old blackberry keyboard on an iPhone with this extension.

Clicks is basically a keyboard case for your iPhone that you can attach and type via the physical keyboard but you need to note that emojis are not available so you need to have your virtual keyboard for that. Also, the product is already getting some criticism from people like Zaheen Haris who say that “Clicks keyboard is not only trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exists, but creates new problems. It won’t fit your pockets, one-hand use is almost impossible, still have to rely on virtual keyboard for emoji & special symbols. All for a ridiculous $139 price tag!”

Now, we do like the idea of a physical keyboard and we are sure that there must be fans of the same because otherwise, the mechanical keyboard would not be as big as it is right now. But looks like people have found their liking towards virtual keyboards on Android and iOS already. So it will be tough to move them back to these physical keyboards once again but we will have to wait and see how this goes.

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