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Apple might reveal some news regarding its Vision Pro next week



Apple Vision Pro

We know that Apple unveiled its Vision Pro headset to the world in the middle of last year and announced that the headset will go on sale this year but we have not heard anything from the company ever since then and it is typical of Apple to not reveal anything before the product gets officially on sale as was the case with Apple’s AirPower as well which was eventually shelved due to the issues it had with heating. It looks like Apple’s Vision Pro will definitely be a reality but it is one product that I don’t feel confident about coming from Apple. Because it is one thing to launch products but it is another to have people buy them and this is one such product.

I find it difficult to see people wearing this heavy headset on their heads just to see some movies and experience “AR/VR”. It could be a niche product and Apple might not have a problem with that as well. As far as Apple’s Vision Pro is concerned, it is to be noted that leaks suggest that there could be some news released from the company as to when the sales will start for this headset.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that “Apple will release the Vision Pro in February”. The report further states that “small groups of employees are being sent to headquarters for training on a new product, Gurman now reports that a three-hour meeting has been scheduled for all employees at Apple stores across the US on January 21, with training sessions and the arrival of new inventory racks planned throughout the week after”. It is also said that the rollout of Apple’s Vision Pro could be first done in the US only and the other regions might see its launch later. It is also possible that Apple could be testing the market with its initial launch and see the traction it generates and decide later on if it is worth launching the product in other markets or not. As we mentioned earlier, people are still struggling to find the market fit for this product as we have seen with Facebook and HTC Vive.

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