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Bing Video Search adds the Drag & Drop Playlist Tool feature



Bing Video Search adds the Drag & Drop Playlist Tool feature

Microsoft always strives to make its user experience easy. The new inclusion of the Drag & Drop playlist tool in the Microsoft Bing Video Search is the new talk of the town. The addition of such cool features is exciting enough for the users.

The Microsoft Bing Search made their video search user interface much interesting and easy to work with. The users can now drag and drop the videos into queue to create their own playlist. Mostly, users love to have their own playlist. And keep searching to listen to the favorite song or watch a video one after one is not something that users like too much. It is the inspiration behind this new feature inclusion of Microsoft Bing.

Now, suppose you are searching for videos in Bing Video search. So, when you click on the videos tab, you will be able to see the new feature. At the bottom left corner of the playlist button, you’ll be able to see how to add videos to your playlist that you can watch later.

All you need to do is click on the “Drag videos here to save a playlist”. Drag the video results one at a time on the playlist button. To watch them, click on the playlist button, and you are the master of your own choice of playlists.

After the features like Bing’s “My Saves” to save the videos, images, and shopping searches, adding bigger Thumbnail Images, Microsoft keeps adding in a row every year to improve the search results. Videos can also be filtered and searched based on their video duration. It is quite clear from the scenario that Bing never wants to upset their users with their service.

Hopefully, this new feature will make a video lover’s life easy to set their own choice of the list. It is undoubtedly going to be amazing to have a precise video experience with the Microsoft Bing Video Search.

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